About Us is a premium Ejuice retailer for vape products. We have been in the vape industry for years and understand how to bring quality vape and ejuice service to our customers. Starting out in 2013 with a brick and mortar vape shop we started with a dream of being entrepreneurs in the vape game.  We quickly learned about delivering good prices on vape juice and products is a key element in staying ahead in this industry.


We then started a manufacturing and distribution plant here in Orange County, CA. This involved a lot of time and effort to get an ejuice vape company off the ground especially in 2014 heading into 2015. Ejuice manufacturers are still popping up today!


Point is we know how much money it takes to create eliquid vape flavors and how much money it takes to create e-liquid pods and so on. So we do our best to provide fast service on all of our vape products and sell them at a reasonable rate.