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We posted a vlog recently on YouTube about our marketing & an interview with Kathryn. You can find it here:


Amidst some hilarious banter, Brittany & I (Kathryn) discuss our new marketing strategy. To begin, we are currently using each platform as it was meant to be used. We are posting content that is not only relevant to each platform, but relevant to each audience.


Let’s start with Twitter. I am on Twitter throughout the day to not only post Savage updates & promotions, but to interact with our followers. Sometimes I have random thoughts & I share them. Sometimes I talk about our juice. Sometimes I retweet videos, pictures, etc. that is sent to us by YOU. And I love it. I love Twitter & I love interacting with everyone.


Now for Snapchat. I am also on Snapchat throughout the day. I take you behind the scenes of Savage, & my regular life, in real time. This is the way that Snapchat is meant to function. There are always exciting things going on & I really enjoy sharing it, & receiving videos & pictures from our followers.


Pinterest is a brand new endeavor for all of us here at Savage, & I am also behind that platform. Currently I am building our boards & exploring! I look forward to pinning & re-pinning & getting engaged with our followers in a new way.


Instagram. We are re-vamping our Instagram. Brittany is the mastermind behind this platform & she is focusing on the vape lifestyle. We’ve all seen bottle shots, bottle shots, & more bottle shots all day every day. Now, it’s time for what we, as vapers, do every day. We are versatile, we are active, we are individuals, & at Savage we are really trying to emphasize that we appreciate the vape community. Also, we are utilizing the story feature. All day everyday Brittany is posting stories & giveaways & amazing contests that we all really enjoy. In addition to the Savage E-liquid Instagram, we have Savage CBD & Vape 100 which are both run by our Social Media Manager, Matt. We are utilizing the same ideas for those accounts as well, so be sure to check them out!


Brittany runs Facebook as well, & we have re-vamped that platform to contain content that is useful (& fun!). While we have giveaways & fun posts, Brittany searches for articles & videos that will serve the vape community. We use Facebook to give information & receive information from our followers about vaping.


YouTube is where we post our videos. We have so much content! We have started to post interviews with the people who work at Savage, behind the scenes footage, & so much more. With the new videos we’ve been posting, we’ve made them into podcasts. PODCASTS. That means you can listen to the audio of our YouTube videos now! It’s another brand new endeavor & we work hard to make sure that our content is informative & entertaining. Side note: if you don’t have an iPhone, we are also on Soundcloud.


We are going in a new direction & we want you to come with us! Follow us on social media to see what we’re up to & remember to #staysavage.



Twitter: @savage_eliquid

Snapchat: savageeliquid

Pinterest: Savage E-Liquid

Instagram: savage.eliquid & savagecbd &

Facebook: Savage E-Liquid

YouTube: Savage E-Liquid

Podcast & Soundcloud: Savage E-Liquid


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